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10 Real Simple Ideas for Socks

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Socks are great for warming up our feet and making sure they don’t stink up a room, but they have many other uses you may not have thought about. Real Simple made a list of “New Uses for Clothing” in which many ideas involved the use of socks. Here are some ideas with photos.

1. Place socks on the legs of furniture to protect your precious wooden floors.

2. Use a sock as a wine bottle bag. Give two bottles as a gift for a complete pair.

3. Use a lingerie bag to keep socks organized and prevent them from getting lost.

4. Place socks over your shoes while traveling to protect from dirt and damage.

5. Add some puffy paint to the bottom of socks to make them slip-proof.

6. Coffee too hot? Then slip a sock over your cup and drink up.

7. Place sunglasses inside mittens (or socks) to prevent scratches.

8. Protect your light bulbs by placing them in socks.

9. Keep cords together and out of the way with a trouser sock.

10. Does it snow where you live? Use a sock over your wipers so you don’t have to deice them.

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