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Archives: August 2008

Creative Uses for Old Socks

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Classic Sock Puppet

Get some permanent markers or fabric paint. Plan out where you want the puppet’s mouth to be by putting your hand inside the sock and drawing the inside of the puppet’s mouth where the upper half of your palm lies. Get googly eyes for the puppet’s eyes and paste them on. And finally, give your new sock puppet a name! This project is great for kids.

Cleaning and Dish Rags

Cut the toe-end of the sock off, then cut the socks down the center of the back. This rag can be used for a variety of purposes. Just throw it away if it gets too dirty or stained.

iPod Protector

Apple sells “iPod Socks” to keep your iPod from getting scratched without having to put a case on it. Why spend money on iPod Socks when you can just use a real sock! Put your iPod inside the sock, and if the sock is too big, just tie the open end to keep the iPod from falling out.

Shoe Fresheners

Fill an old sock with a mix of kitty litter and baking soda. Tie off the open end, and place the sock inside your shoe. The kitty litter and baking soda will absorb wetness and deodorize your shoe. Just leave this sock inside your shoe for a couple of hours for ultimate freshness.

Soap Holder

Turn the sock inside-out. Place a bar of soap inside a sock. Tie the open end of the sock. The sock can be used like a wash cloth in the shower, or it can be kept by the sink for hand washing. Just throw the sock away after the soap runs out.


Take a pair of colorful socks and cut off the toes, and make a hole for the thumb. This is perfect for kids who tend to destroy their gloves and mittens easily.


Save old socks as bandages in an emergency. Socks are more absorbent than gauze. Also, socks make perfect bandages for dogs and horses.

There are endless numbers of possibilities for old sock uses. Get creative!

The Challenges of Washing Socks

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As you toss all of your socks into the washing machine, you are sure
that each individual sock has its partner, but by time we take our
laundry out of the dryer, at least one sock is missing. You question
yourself. When did I loose that one sock? It was in the washing
machine, that you’re sure of, so it must have slipped away at some
point, but when, how?

Despite what we may believe, socks don’t actually disappear within
the time that they are being washed and dried. They don’t fall into
another dimension, and they are not taken by sock bandits. Have you
ever untangled a piece of clothing that had wrapped itself around the
agitator in your washing machine? Well you probably wouldn’t guess
that socks are able so slip underneath and into it; if you took it
off, you could possibly find some of those missing socks.

There is always that slight chance that the missing sock mystery will
never be solved, but if we can manage to cut our losses and start
over, there is a good chance that we could keep our new socks
together. You could find one pair of socks that you like, and just buy
those socks in bulk. That way, even if you do loose a sock or two, you
still have matching socks.

There is another resolution to keeping socks together. When you take
off your socks, you could safety pin them together, and when they
endure their journey through the washer, they will not be able to
separate. This also assists in the folding process. No more having to
worry about looking through the socks to match them up; they are
already pinned together and ready for their next use.

Socks are mysterious, and they have ways of slipping away without our
knowledge. Whether they fall out of the laundry basket or slip under
the agitator during the washing process, we are bound to loose one
here or there. You could make this fact unimportant by buying the same
socks in bulk, or you could keeps socks together with a safety pin.
Beware that the socks are always looking for an escape route, a way to
separate from you or each other, but at least now you know where some
of the lost socks go.

Socks for Charity

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At Black and White Socks Company, we strive to provide quality socks at great prices. Bulk sock orders allow us to sell socks at low prices. We’ve had many orders from the military and charities. Here is an example of a charitable organization that took advantage of our case order specials:

Bridgetown Ministries

“We appreicate your supply of socks at affordable prices.”

Bridgetown Ministries Website

Bridgetown Ministries ordered case-packs of socks to hand out to the needy. Our affordable prices allows charities like this to get more socks for their money. As a result, more socks can be provided to those in need.