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Archives: October 2008

Land of the Missing Socks

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As you toss all of your socks into the washing machine, you are sure
that each individual sock has its partner, but by time we take our
laundry out of the dryer, at least one sock is missing. You question
yourself. When did I loose that one sock? It was in the washing
machine, that you’re sure of, so it must have slipped away at some
point, but when, how?

Despite what we may believe, socks don’t actually disappear in within
the time that they are being washed and dried. They don’t fall into
another dimension, and they are not taken by sock bandits. Have you
ever untangled a piece of clothing that had wrapped itself around the
agitator in your washing machine? Well you probably wouldn’t guess
that socks are able so slip underneath and into it; if you took it
off, you could possibly find some of those missing socks.

There is always that slight chance that the missing sock mystery will
never be solved, but if we can manage to cut our losses and start
over, there is a good chance that we could keep our new socks
together. You could find one pair of socks that you like, and just buy
those socks in bulk. That way, even if you do loose a sock or two, you
still have matching socks.

There is another resolution to keeping socks together. When you take
off your socks, you could safety pin them together, and when they
endure their journey through the washer, they will not be able to
separate. This also assists in the folding process. No more having to
worry about looking through the socks to match them up; they are
already pinned together and ready for their next use.

Socks are mysterious, and they have ways of slipping away without our
knowledge. Whether they fall out of the laundry basket or slip under
the agitator during the washing process, we are bound to loose one
here or there. You could make this fact unimportant by buying the same
socks in bulk, or you could keeps socks together with a safety pin.
Beware that the socks are always looking for an escape route, a way to
separate from you or each other, but at least now you know where some
of the lost socks go.

Favorite Pair of Socks

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You know you have a favorite pair of socks; we all do. Sadly, one of
the pair is so worn that it has a hole in it. You loved those socks;
you would have lived in those socks if it was your choice. Now that
one sock is ruined, what do you do with the other sock? Should you put
it to waste and throw it away? Or is there something more creative you
could do with it?

Just because we live in a high-tech world does not mean that
old-fashioned sock puppets aren’t enjoyable; they are just as amusing
as they were years ago. It isn’t one bit expensive, and it doesn’t
even have to get messy like most crafty projects. All you really need
is a marker, or you could get more into it and use buttons or glitter
and sequins.

Simply slip the sock onto your hand and close your hand almost as if
you were making a fist; once you do that, all you have to do is work
your magic with the marker and the other decorative supplies that you
have chosen for your sock puppet. Don’t forget to give your sock eyes
so he or she can see the world around (since they are usually limited
to seeing the inside of your shoe or the inside of you sock drawer).
With a creative eye and a splash of color you can transform your once
useless sock into a puppet to entertain you for hours.

We don’t need computers or video games to keep us smiling; all we need
is an old sock and an imagination. Socks may seem like dull, useless
objects, but they can be so much more, all it takes is your mind’s

Slip-Proof Socks

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It’s bound to happen; I mean, if you put socks on your kids, they are bound to slip and fall, so how can we prevent this? Telling your kids not to run in their socks isn’t going to work; after all, they are kids, and kids don’t listen half of the time. So how do we prevent our kids from this disaster?

Slip-proof socks are an effective method of preventing children from falling while running around the house in socks. First you have to know that the thicker the socks are, the less likely you are to slip in them.

If this method does not seem to work out, you could always make the socks slip-proof yourself. Using fabric paint on the bottom of your socks is one way to ensure a non-slip effect. Make sure you wash the socks at least once before you apply the fabric paints. Once you have done that, just lay out the socks and make sure the bottom is facing you. Because there are a variety of styles, shades, and colors, you can get very creative with the designs on the bottom of your socks. You could do a uniform design, or you could do something crazy. Also, be sure that you don’t make the paint too thick; this will cause an uncomfortable feeling when walking in the socks. It is best to wait about 72 hours before wearing or washing the socks once the paint is applied.

Another way to ensure that your socks are slip-proof is to buy rubber, which can be found in a roll. All you need is the rubber and fabric glue. You can cut all kinds of shapes and sizes and glue them to the bottom of your socks; just be creative. No more having to worry about the tragedy of your child slipping in his or her socks. All it takes it a little bit of effort and a smidgen of imagination.

A day in the life of a sock

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Being a sock may seem like a life of glamour, but it is so much more than a life full of soft material and cozy sock drawers. You may think that living in a drawer among all of the soft, cozy socks would be an ideal setting, but you are oh so wrong.

First of all, living in a drawer can be an experience that could potentially scar one for life. Are you afraid of the dark? Well if you’re a sock and you are afraid of the dark, you’re in trouble. Think about it; when you open your sock drawer, your eyes are embraced by a flow of colors and fabrics, but what happens when you close the drawer? That’s right, the socks are overcast by a ray of darkness, and Mr. Sock cannot find his wife, Mrs. Sock. Sock Jr. is afraid of the dark and is panicking. There is mass chaos in the sock drawer! The once peaceful drawer is now wild, all because of darkness.

Darkness I could deal with, but I’m not so sure about the abuse. Yes, socks are highly abused. How would you like being tossed into a washing machine and being thrown around? Socks are worn down, and they become tattered from the mistreatment they undergo during the spin cycle.

Now we need to take into consideration where the socks are when they are not being held captive in an uncomfortable, gloomy drawer, and when they are not being abused in the washing machine. When the socks are on you’re foot, you cannot even imagine what a sock’s nose has to go through. When it is in sitting your shoe, which is fuming with odors that could make you nauseous, it is suffering more than you can imagine. How would you like to sit on a foot, inside a shoe for 10 hours a day? That is not too appealing.

Although you thought you knew that being a sock didn’t seem so bad, you now know how wrong you were. Unlike you, socks have to endure the curse of darkness for most of their lives. They are also abused weekly during their wash and dry, and they also have to deal with the stench of your reeking feet, no offence. So maybe being human isn’t too bad, after all, you have the gift of sun, and air deodorizers.