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Archives: October 2012


Tips on Making Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Socks!

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Creative Family Fun posted a helpful guide to creating Glow-in-the-Dark socks either to wear or to use for decorative purposes.

A fun, inexpensive way to deck the hall with boughs of spooky. Tips on Making Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Socks!

Image Source: Spooky Socks.


25 Greatest Players in Boston Red Sox History

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Ted Williams, ranked #…we won’t spoil it for you!

Bleacher Report has a nice slideshow with their picks for the 25 greatest players in Boston Red Sox history. Always a fun trip to remember the sluggers of yesteryear.

At Black and White Socks, we love baseball, and clearly we love socks. Why not combine the two? We hope you enjoy the slideshow; feel free to leave a remark on your favorite Red Sox player. Disagree with the rankings? Somebody left out? Let us know!

Neat to see players like Cy Young (there is a little ol’ award named after him) and Babe Ruth battling with more contemporary players such as Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez.

Image Source: Ted Williams.


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Take a look at how socks are made!


And make sure to get all your socks at Black and White Socks!

Video Source: Swiftwick.

Image Source: Black and White Socks.

When the Sox Gave Pudge a Pole: 1975 Home Run Winner

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Game 6, 1975 World Series. Boston Red Sox v. Cincinnati Reds.

Game tied 3-3, bottom of the 12th inning. Were Cincinnati to win, they would win the series.

Up to bat comes Carlton “Pudge” Fisk. On the second pitch from Cincinnati’s Sparky Anderson, Fisk sends the ball singing over left field. Hopping up and down like a pogo stick, Fisk hopes the ball will pull right; he waves both arms rightward, his face emotes a wind-blasted expression.

The ball hits the left-field pole above the Green Monster–the high left-field wall at Fenway Park.

Home Run.

The Series goes to game 7, which the Red Sox win 2-0.

On June 13, 2005, the Red Sox named the left foul pole the “Fisk Foul Pole.”

Video Source: Pudge Fisk.

Image Source: Game 6.

Babe Ruth and Socks…Well, Sox. The Boston Red Sox, That Is.

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Before the Great Bambino brought his talents to the New York Yankees, he was part of the Boston Red Sox. Enjoy this video offering some career highlights.

Video Source: Bambino.

Image Source: The Babe.

Such a Pity When the Puppy Eats Your Socks…

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Dog got your socks? That’s a pity. An adorable pity, admittedly. The only thing one can do is move on.

And that is why you should go to Black and White Socks for all your foot warmth needs. Don’t be bashful, head on over to this friendly and inviting sock emporium.

Image Source: Bad Dog.

Did “Shoeless” Joe Jackson Wear Socks? Great Dedicatory Video…

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Of course he did. According to his dedication website, “He received his nickname “Shoeless,” after playing a minor league game in his stockings because a new pair of spikes had given him blisters on his feet the previous day.”

Mr. Jackson even played for the Chicago White Sox.

Need any socks? Visit Black and White Socks today!


Image: Portrait.

Video: Shoeless Joe Jackson: Hometown Hero.

“Mr. Fox! I Hate This Game, Sir. This Game Makes My Tongue Quite Lame, Sir.”

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Dr. Seuss published Fox in Sox in 1965. This fox named Fox runs through varied lyrical permutations, and densely-rhymed verbal gymnastics, as he befuddles the somewhat dim-witted character Knox. Who lands the final blow?

Below is a video with the LP version of this classic reading of Fox in Socks. The professional reading arrests the listener. Enjoy!



Video Source: Fox in Sox.


Image Source: Fox in Sox.