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A day in the life of a sock

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Being a sock may seem like a life of glamour, but it is so much more than a life full of soft material and cozy sock drawers. You may think that living in a drawer among all of the soft, cozy socks would be an ideal setting, but you are oh so wrong.

First of all, living in a drawer can be an experience that could potentially scar one for life. Are you afraid of the dark? Well if you’re a sock and you are afraid of the dark, you’re in trouble. Think about it; when you open your sock drawer, your eyes are embraced by a flow of colors and fabrics, but what happens when you close the drawer? That’s right, the socks are overcast by a ray of darkness, and Mr. Sock cannot find his wife, Mrs. Sock. Sock Jr. is afraid of the dark and is panicking. There is mass chaos in the sock drawer! The once peaceful drawer is now wild, all because of darkness.

Darkness I could deal with, but I’m not so sure about the abuse. Yes, socks are highly abused. How would you like being tossed into a washing machine and being thrown around? Socks are worn down, and they become tattered from the mistreatment they undergo during the spin cycle.

Now we need to take into consideration where the socks are when they are not being held captive in an uncomfortable, gloomy drawer, and when they are not being abused in the washing machine. When the socks are on you’re foot, you cannot even imagine what a sock’s nose has to go through. When it is in sitting your shoe, which is fuming with odors that could make you nauseous, it is suffering more than you can imagine. How would you like to sit on a foot, inside a shoe for 10 hours a day? That is not too appealing.

Although you thought you knew that being a sock didn’t seem so bad, you now know how wrong you were. Unlike you, socks have to endure the curse of darkness for most of their lives. They are also abused weekly during their wash and dry, and they also have to deal with the stench of your reeking feet, no offence. So maybe being human isn’t too bad, after all, you have the gift of sun, and air deodorizers.