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A Sock Secret

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Are Diabetic Socks right for you? Here’s a Sock Secret, you don’t have to be Diabetic to enjoy a Diabetic Sock. Diabetics retain water which in turn make their legs swell. A Diabetic Sock stretches very easy to compensate for this. Not enough to fall forcing you to keep reaching down and pulling your socks up but enough to compensate for a swollen ankle or leg. Plus a Diabetic Sock doesn’t have an elastic band on the top that will restrict your circulation like a normal sock does. The loose but secure fit doesn’t restrict any blood flow leaving your feet to feel less tired at the end of the day. So again if your not diabetic don’t overlook the diabetic sock as an alternative. It’s one of the most comfortable socks on the market. And a very well kept secret for the regular Joe.

If you are Diabetic it’s very important to wear one of these for pure medical reasons. You’ll want to avoid any tight fitting socks because it slows down circulation. If you have any wounds a regular sock will just slow your Circulation and slow the healing process of the wound.

Diabetics sometimes in advance stages have neuropathy in their feet. In some advanced stages of neuropathy the patient may have dry and cracked skin on their feet. Diabetic socks are typically made of a softer material for this reason.

Lastly with Black and White Socks you won’t be buying only three pair. You will be buying a full dozen with free shipping for around the same price. Don’t forget you’ll also save $10.00 on the second order so buy your self another dozen of get a gift for someone in your family or just keep them all for yourself..

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