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An amazing sock adventure

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Sam the Sock was your average anklet sock; he was worn every Monday for school. Sam the Sock had an amazing life, and he loved every second of it. Sam’s best friend was named Bill who was a tall crew Sock. Bill was worn on Monday afternoons to karate practice. Sam and Bill lived together; they were also washed together. The only time the two socks were separated was when one of them was being worn.

One night Sam and Bill decided to go on a brave adventure into the unknown, the closet. Sam had heard scary stories about the closet, from other socks in the drawer in which he and Bill the Sock lived. It was legend that once a sock entered the closet without his or her match, it would never return to the drawer. From the closet, it was said, that a sock would either spend years smothered by piles of laundry, suffocated by shoes, toys, games or what not’s. In the worst case it would simply be thrown out. A sock entering the closet was similar to a small school-boy taking on the daunting task of going into an abandoned house which was said to hold the ghost of a past soul. Needless to say, Sam and Bill were to very brave socks, so they headed out on an amazing sock adventure.

Deep into the night, Sam the Sock and Sally the Sock began their bold venture. They swiftly began to sneak out of the drawer, making sure to keep quiet so they wouldn’t wake the other socks. After tip-toeing their way to the closet door, they slipped through the opening under the entrance, and they entered the great unknown. The two socks were amazed at all they saw; they had seen most of the things in the closet before, shoes, pants, shirts, and belts, but they had never seen all of these things at once. They wandered about, but then the socks remembered the frightening stories that they had heard from the elder socks of the drawer.

Sam the Sock thought he had heard a noise, so he and Bill the Sock took off running. They slid back under the closet door and into the drawer. Sam and Bill took a breath, but tried to still remain quiet in order to keep from creating a disturbance in the sock drawer. Sam and Bill looked at each other and smiled, for they knew that they were braver than any of the socks that they lived with.

Sam  Bill the Sock were sure to be best friends forever.

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