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When to wear white socks

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Way back in the 50’s and 60’s it was actually fashionable to wear white socks with black shoes and dark colored pants. I don’t think anyone even had white sneakers back then. Elvis did it and some of you might still remember Pat Boone who also always wore a white belt too.
A funny thing happened to me the other day while rushing to go to the gym I grabbed an old pair of white sneakers. Although they were old they were relatively unused and pretty white and clean. It didn’t really hit me until a little bit into my work out but after seeing this bright white flash out of the bottom of my eye, I noticed that not many people were white sneaker any more. Becoming immediately fashion conscious I began doing an inventory of shoes that the gym members were wearing.  I did see a few in white but the color rage was amazing. Multi colored, bright colors even red sneakers on men. It was only a few years ago that everyone just wore white sneakers.  In fact in the 80’s I remember going to Europe and you could spot an American from a mile away. You just had to look for a pair of white sneakers.
When to wear white Socks?
Luckily a large amount of people still wear white socks. I saw a couple in black but that just looks wrong with workout shorts no matter what color the shoe is. When white socks were designated to become strictly sportswear is something I never looked into, it’s seems to just have happened. The only other large group of people who wear white socks and shoes are people in the medical industry. Nurses, aids and orderlies. Luckily white socks are still going strong in the medical field.  Realistically white socks look great with athletic shorts, track pants, running shoes and scrubs but look pretty bad with everything else.


Over priced fancy monogrammed socks

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Growing up as a kid I never had any aspirations to sell socks for a living. I wore the socks I was given and rarely spent the time to figure out what was rite or wrong. In fact I went to a parochial school and had to wear a uniform.  It consisted of a white shirt, white t-shirt, black pants, black belt, white socks and black shoes. Honestly life was simpler then. No silly little decisions to make. No time wasted thinking about what to wear.
Now there are crew, ankles, no-show and more. Women and kids both have a nice selection. The internet has a million sites that sell all kinds of designer socks. Exotic synthetics in exotic colors at really exotic prices. I almost had a heart attack looking at some of the prices they’re getting. In most cases I sell a full dozen with free shipping for less then ONE PAIR of these fashion brands.
It’s not like our socks are garbage either. They are well made and will last a long time. Some have patterns with a  logo and  monograms. Most are simply plain black or white socks with no logos. It’s almost like these companies are selling their logo’s at a premium and giving the sock away for free.
If your going to visit a King in some far off land I can see you may need a pair of the over priced fancy monogrammed socks. Who knows it may even keep you from having your head lobbed off some day. If your going to hang around the good old US though I would definitely take a look at our socks and try a dozen. In fact get yourself two dozen and save an extra ten bucks. We ship for Free too. If your thinking it can’t get any better then that then wait until you get them, try them on and feel just how comfortable they are. You’ll be able to sit back and laugh at those over priced socks you used to buy.

Black and White Sock Puzzle.

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Ok, so you wake up very, very early in the morning, the electricity is off because of the storm last night. Luckily you only have a drawer full of a dozen black socks and a dozen white socks. How will you guarantee a perfect match? It’s a Black and White Sock puzzle.



Just pick three pair and you will be guaranteed a match. If you pick one white and two black you’ll be wearing black socks today. If you pick two white and one black you’ll be wearing white. Or you may pick all three in black or white.  No matter what you choose you’ll always have a matching pair.


Black and White Socks, simplify your life.


What grows faster?

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If there were a race between a finger nail and a toe nail who would win? What grows faster?
A finger nail grows way faster. While a finger nail grows 1mm per day a toe nail only grows 1mm per month, quite a difference. Always put your money on the finger nails.

Socks for Uniforms

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People who serve us are often on their own.

For years now Black and White Socks has been shipping socks for uniforms in case orders to the Armed Forces, Police Departments and Fire Departments. We offer large discounts to those organizations and all it takes is a quick phone call.
The Armed Forces it seems only issues three pairs of socks to their troops. Once they wear out it’s up to them to buy their own. We’ve supplied organizations who get together and fund raise in order to ship case orders for our soldiers to split up among themselves. If you are interested in sponsoring something for a family member overseas give us a call and we’ll put together a special price just for you. If you would like we will also handle the whole thing for you.
Police departments often supply their staff socks as part of their uniforms.  If you are a buyer or know one tell them about us and we’ll work closely with them to develop an special price. If you need a special color let us know and we’ll do our best to find it for you.
The same goes for Fire Departments. We do this in appreciation for the work you’re all doing for us. We are a very small company so we can offer great discounts unfortunately although we would love to do it we can’t afford to just give it away.
We also offer company discounts on bulk orders. The Post Office, UPS, Fed-X or any large company that supplies their workers socks as part of their uniform. A bulk order would be a case of 144 pair of socks. If you need them in a special color let us know and we’ll see what we can do.
Any questions just call 954-680-4584 and ask for Cindy. She will answer any questions you may have.
Thanks for all the hard work you do for us.

A Sock Secret

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Are Diabetic Socks right for you? Here’s a Sock Secret, you don’t have to be Diabetic to enjoy a Diabetic Sock. Diabetics retain water which in turn make their legs swell. A Diabetic Sock stretches very easy to compensate for this. Not enough to fall forcing you to keep reaching down and pulling your socks up but enough to compensate for a swollen ankle or leg. Plus a Diabetic Sock doesn’t have an elastic band on the top that will restrict your circulation like a normal sock does. The loose but secure fit doesn’t restrict any blood flow leaving your feet to feel less tired at the end of the day. So again if your not diabetic don’t overlook the diabetic sock as an alternative. It’s one of the most comfortable socks on the market. And a very well kept secret for the regular Joe.

If you are Diabetic it’s very important to wear one of these for pure medical reasons. You’ll want to avoid any tight fitting socks because it slows down circulation. If you have any wounds a regular sock will just slow your Circulation and slow the healing process of the wound.

Diabetics sometimes in advance stages have neuropathy in their feet. In some advanced stages of neuropathy the patient may have dry and cracked skin on their feet. Diabetic socks are typically made of a softer material for this reason.

Lastly with Black and White Socks you won’t be buying only three pair. You will be buying a full dozen with free shipping for around the same price. Don’t forget you’ll also save $10.00 on the second order so buy your self another dozen of get a gift for someone in your family or just keep them all for yourself..

Are you a Foot Smeller?

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Are you a Foot Smeller? No I didn’t say Smart Feller. Madeline Albrecht worked for Dr. Sholl footwear company in their testing lab. Her job was performing smell tests on feet and armpits. Currently she is the Guinness World Record holder for the number of feet smelled which was around 5,600 give or take a couple of feet. It was a dirty job but someone had to do it.

Protect your feet

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I live in South Florida so I can’t really compare our dressing habits to the rest of the country. I just wanted to share an observation with you. It’s probably something that no one would notice unless maybe  they are weird or have a sock company like myself.

I suppose if you live up North and it’s under 50 degrees most of the time everyone wears socks. But at this South Florida Party I went to, it seemed like I was the only one wearing them. Down here in the tropics it’s a fashion trend to go without socks. Euck.

Socks wick away sweat from your foot. Sweat itself is relatively pure and doesn’t smell until it lingers in a warm dark place. A sock wicks away the sweat which helps it evaporate without growing as many bacteria. Eventually it will build up but it does offer a certain amount of protection. Remember your Mother’s words, change your socks every day.

Protect your feet. The human foot has 50 ligaments, 33 joints, 26 bones and 42 muscles. Not to mention tendons skin and muscles and a bunch of other materials. A good sock acts as a buffer to keep this marvel in good operating condition. As we get older all of these components wear out. Just like a car tire the better we treat them the more mileage you’ll get out of them.

Lastly socks aren’t the most obvious way to make a fashion statement but for some people they make a great fashion accessory. I’m pretty conservative so a black sock for anything but shorts works for me. We however carry a few different styles of dress stocks for those looking for a little panache. No matter what your color or style preference our socks are comfortable and affordable.


Sock Humor

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“Sock Humor”


We bet you didn’t know this sock fashion fact

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According to Emily Post we bet you didn’t know this sock fashion fact. Proper sock fashion and etiquette requires the men’s sock color to match the color of the pants and shoes. The sock should be one shade darker then the pants and one shade lighter then the shoes. So men that says to me that in order to remain sane we should have a lot of socks the same color and a couple of pairs of nice shoes. If we try not to complicate things we can stay fashionable.