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The Tasty Pair of Socks

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pair of sock cookies

These cookies I found on blogspot are very cute. They got the idea from a Valentine’s day card that had a picture of a pair of socks and read “I was lost until I found you.” You can call it corny, but the cookies look pretty cute, yet simple.

Although this idea was intended for Valentine’s Day, they can be made for many occasions. It would be a great idea for a baby shower or you could make them look like Santa socks for Christmas. You could even decorate scary socks for Halloween. The possibilities are endless. Baking isn’t for everyone, so if you would like some sock cookies without the work, maybe you could pass the idea by one of your friends who likes to bake. If you want to check out the decorating tips you can visit the blog here.

Cats Jump for Socks

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Socks are not a scary thing, but apparently the cat in the video thinks so. I found this video to be pretty entertaining and wanted to share. I’d like to think that the cat isn’t scared at all and loves socks so much he jumps in excitement. Yes, that is unlikely, but who really knows what cats are thinking anyway?

Enjoy this video!


Healthy Feet with Copper Socks

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copper socks

We mentioned in a previous post how smelly socks could help prevent malaria. Well, now they can be designed a certain way to cure athletes foot. The special socks are made with copper oxide which is an anti-fungal agent. Cupron, Inc. donated these special copper socks to the Chilean miners who were trapped back in 2010. The miners had developed numerous skin problems while exposed to the bad conditions underground including itchy and dry feet. Thirteen out of the fourteen miners who wore the socks noticed an improvement and said their condition disappeared after wearing them. It is not proven if the socks really did in fact cure their condition as the miners could not be evaluated while trapped. The study is also based on what they remember which may or may not be completely accurate.

Although more studies are needed to find out if these socks can indeed cure fungal conditions, I find that socks in general can be a life changing item to have on hand. You never know what they can do. Stay tuned for more sock news in the future!

If you want to read the full report find it on


Getting the Job Depends on Your Socks

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business socks

The economy isn’t exactly at its peak right now and jobs aren’t the easiest to find. But when you do get an interview, don’t forget to check your socks before walking out that door. They may not seem all that important, but they could make more of a statement than you wish.

1. Make sure they are the appropriate socks for the interview, professional and a dark shade. Bright yellow may seem cheerful, but it isn’t the smartest choice.

2. Avoid getting dressed in the dark unless you want to run the risk of picking out two socks that are two different colors. And no, navy blue and faded black are not technically the same color.

3. And lastly, actually wear socks. You may be in a rush to be there on time, but forgetting your socks may lead you to do some crazy things. One job seeker colored his ankles with a marker when he realized he forgot his socks. I think the interviewer may have forgotten to give him that job.

So take your socks a little more seriously and you may end up nailing that job interview. And when you finally do get that job, no need to send us a thank you letter. Just order some more socks for your new job and we’ll get the memo.

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Socks for Your Car

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sock tires

There are sock monkeys, sock puppets, and of course socks you wear on your feet, but what about car socks? It sounds like something silly, but it is a product that could be very useful for those who drive in the snow. It is fabric that is put onto the tires in order to provide better traction while driving on icy roads. They originated in Scandinavia and the UK, and may soon be used in the United States. tested the car socks to see how well they work. The test revealed that the socks definitely worked better than regular tires alone, but were not as ideal as winter tires. If you can’t afford the high cost of winter tires, these car snow socks would be a better and cheaper option. Take a look at the video below to see these socks in action.

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Can You Really Knock Someone’s Socks Off?

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You’ve probably heard the phrase “knock your socks off” before. The phrase actually originates back to the mid-19th century. It was first used in fist fights as a threat to opponents, but it has now become more of a phrase to express amazement. Well, MythBusters wanted to test this phrase out and see it if were possible to actually knock someone’s socks off.

The entire episode isn’t available to watch for free, but if you want to see a clip it has been included below.

Spoiler Alert!
If you want to see the results without watching the episode, you can check out the MythBusters Results page. It outlines the experiments they tested and if they worked or not. I will tell you that out of all the different ways they tried to knock socks off, they did succeed at least once.

If you are interested in watching the entire episode you can purchase it through Amazon or


The Link Between Socks and Malaria

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Are you always getting bit by misquitos? Maybe it’s time to wash your socks. Apparently the aroma from smelly socks attracts mosquitoes. This may seem like useless knowledge, but it may be able to slow down the spread of malaria in Africa. Fredros Okumu, a man from South Africa, lost many family members and friends growing up after they contracted malaria from mosquitoes. And now Okumu wants to help his village by developing a trap for mosquitoes using the stench of foot odor. The interesting thing is that the odor will not be synthetic, but the trap will use actual smelly sock pads gathered from youth sports teams and laborers.

So if you have any smelly socks you don’t feel like washing, maybe you could donate them to this foundation. If you want to read the full article you can read it here.

What Your Socks Reveal About You

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messy sock drawers

A study done by revealed that people who tend to be builder types and organized on the outside usually have the messiest sock drawers. Surprisingly enough, these messy sock drawer keepers tend to live in the same areas in the US. Now why is this important you ask? It’s not, just some useless facts for a little entertainment. We’ve collected some more facts and statistics about socks below.

-One in five Austrians do not change their socks daily and only 70% of French men change their socks daily (Austrian Times) reported that 343 people in the UK were injured in 1996 while putting on their socks

-According to a furniture company study, men who had organized sock drawers were five times more likely to cook dinner for their girlfriends/spouse

– “Sixty-five percent of people who filed their tax returns early claim to ball their socks, while 54 percent of people who file their returns on time or late fold their socks.” (

-Albert Einstein never wore socks anywhere (history1900s)

Man Uses Socks to Escape Jail

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Think that socks are just for your feet? Think again. They may be able to come in handy in sticky situations. In Lancaster, Ohio, an inmate used a pair of socks to protect himself from the barbed wire while jumping the jail annex fence. Police believe he may have had help getting down once he was over the fence, but they are unsure exactly how he managed to escape.

Of course we don’t encourage you to try escaping jail, but we can’t control what you do with our socks once they’re in your possession. You can read the whole news article here.

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Dare to Compare Our Socks

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best deal

We understand you may shop our competition when looking for socks, but give us a chance to convince you why we are better. Comparing prices and products may be easier now that you can browse the internet, but it still takes time that could be spent doing other things. So allow us to show you what we have to offer compared to a website we found called We will refer to them as BS.

1. Better prices

BS sells ten pairs of their socks for a steep $100. Compare that to our price of $24.99 for one dozen (that’s two extra pairs for $75 less). They may pitch that their sock is fancier, but is it really worth all that extra money? Socks don’t need to be made out of gold, they just need to serve their purpose, and that is exactly what our socks do.

2. Shipping

BS ships their socks from Europe, so if you are located in the United States like us, it could take up to two weeks to receive your new socks. If you buy from us, you should receive your order in approximately a week or less, depending on your location. BS may not add an extra fee for shipping, but that is only because it is already included in their high prices. Our shipping costs are much more reasonable.

3. More variety
We not only offer men’s socks, but we also have socks for women and children. On the contrary, BS only sells socks for men. They also don’t sell white socks or socks in bigger quantities. On our site, you can add twelve dozen pairs to your cart in one click whereas the biggest pack BS sells is ten pairs.

If this list doesn’t convince you to choose Black and White Socks, I’m not sure what will. I do hope that you decide to buy from us because it may be embarrassing if others found out you got sucked into BS, that is.

Don’t take our word for it, go ahead and compare prices. We trust you will come back to us.

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