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Socks for a Cause

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Socks are one of the clothing garments that we don’t really think too much about. But there are people all over the world who may not be able to afford a simple pair of socks. I guess it could be said that we take socks for granted. Something as small as a pair of socks could make a big difference in someone’s life. If you are feeling extra generous and wish to help out someone less fortunate, here is a list of places you may want to donate to.

1. Charities like Goodwill & Salvation Army

Since these charities take gently used items, you can easily bring your old socks to a nearby location. They have drop-off locations and stores all over the country making it convenient to donate. Check out and to find the closest one near you.

2. Church groups

Churches may sometimes donate items to the homeless and they may be a great source to go to. Visit or contact your local church to see what events they are currently holding and how you can help.

3. The Military

There are many groups that send care packages to the troops. Some branches of the military accept clothing donations and care packages.

4. Many other organizations take donations such as which supplies men with work attire. They take many items including black and brown socks.

Whenever you are donating to an organization or charity, make sure you thoroughly research where your item is going. There are always scams out there, so double check that your donations are really being used for the right cause. Now go buy some new socks to donate and maybe even buy a few pairs for yourself.


Time for Spring Cleaning

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Spring is on its way, and we have a challenge for you. It is time to clean out your sock drawer. Socks can be a pain to keep organized since they are so small, tend to look messy when stored and always seem to get lost. We have a few helpful hints to keep your socks in line.

  • Fold your socks the way that best suits you. Throwing them all in a drawer may be easy, but it makes it harder to find what you need. There are plenty of ways you could fold socks and I found a website explaining 3 simple techniques. See them here.
  • There are also different places to store socks. You can purchase different organizers online or create your own. One easy way to store socks is to use small pieces of card stock and staple them together. If you want to get creative you can use colorful paper or purchase some with patterns. The video below explains how to make one.

  • Lastly, try to clean your drawers regularly. Toss old socks that have holes or have become faded. Cleaning out the sock drawer periodically makes getting dressed faster and prevents accidentally grabbing mismatched socks.

So go ahead and get started. Once you finish you may be anxious to clean the rest of your house. You can thank us later for the motivation.


Socks for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s day is around the corner, and every year it gets harder and harder to come up with a gift idea. We wanted to share some gifts you can make yourself with socks. Whether you are using socks you don’t want anymore or purchasing new ones, here are some easy craft ideas to try.

1. Sock cupcakes: If you want to purchase socks for someone, but want to display them in a unique way, try wrapping them up to look like a cupcake. Maybe socks don’t seem like such a romantic gift, but you can still use this idea as just a decoration and not as the actual gift. If you like decorating for the holidays you could even make a bunch of these to create a display in your home. For a step by step demonstration on how to make sock cupcakes click here.

2. Gift wrap: Here in Florida, winter doesn’t last very long. I know I’ve had fuzzy socks lying around that never got used or I wore only once. So here is an idea that will put these socks to good use. Use your unwanted clean socks (or purchase a pair) to wrap your gift. The video below shows how to use the socks to wrap a bottle of wine, which is a great gift idea for Valentine’s day. If wine isn’t your thing, wrap a box of chocolates, a perfume/cologne bottle or a jar filled with favorite snacks.

Maybe these ideas seem too feminine and you need an idea for the man in your life. Consider purchasing some new socks from Black & White socks. If your significant other has to sort through a mountain of mismatched socks that are faded and full of holes, buying them some fresh new socks may be the perfect gift. You can buy in bulk from us and once you receive the socks all the old ones can go in the trash (or be used for some crafts!).

Hopefully these ideas have sparked some creativity and will help make your Valentine’s day unique.

The Future for Socks

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line of socks

Ever wondered where socks came from? Maybe it doesn’t interest you, but the future of socks is another story. I came across an article about a cool concept that could change the future of socks. We all know that our dryers steal our socks, but in the future this may not be such an issue. Instead of washing our socks, they may be able to clean themselves in the future. The key is titanium dioxide which is found in things like solar panels and sunscreen. All you need to add is sunlight in order to initiate the cleaning process. Of course if you want to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned, you can still toss them in the washer from time to time and the titanium coating will remain in case you wish to use sunlight later on. If you want to read more about it you can check out the original article here.

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The Universal Sock

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What type of socks do policemen wear? Bulletproof socks?  Maybe socks that help you run faster or shoots bullets at bad guys. What about firemen, are their socks fireproof? Do they have a secret water hose to help put out fires? And bikers, I’m sure they have socks with spikes sticking out the sides, right? As awesome as that all sounds, their socks are pretty average.

The fact is, people don’t go out of their way to match their socks specifically to their profession. Okay, maybe that isn’t true for a clown, but for the rest of the world we just need something simple. We don’t need an endless amount of choices, just a sock that matches everything and feels comfortable.

Here at Black & White socks, we offer just the right amount of styles to make it as simple as possible. And if anyone ever comes up with a way to make socks with super powers, I’m on board, but until then plain black and white socks will do the job.

Socks for the Holidays

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Everyone needs socks for The Holidays. It’s the practical Gift. Take care of a bunch of your gifts with a case order of your favorite socks. If you need different sizes just let us know in your order. Have a great Holiday Season.

Happy Halloween!

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Black And White Socks Skeleton Puppet


Halloween Sock Sculpture.

This Halloween Sock Sculpture was made with WoW , Black and white , uniform socks white crew socks. We found this really fun Holiday project  on-line and said, Hey there’s a  project we can handle.  Check it out @ Next month we’ll be doing something for Thanksgiving,  keep coming back for more projects. Don’t forget Christmas is around the corner and WoW socks makes a practical Christmas gift that anyone can use.


Land of the Missing Socks

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As you toss all of your socks into the washing machine, you are sure
that each individual sock has its partner, but by time we take our
laundry out of the dryer, at least one sock is missing. You question
yourself. When did I loose that one sock? It was in the washing
machine, that you’re sure of, so it must have slipped away at some
point, but when, how?

Despite what we may believe, socks don’t actually disappear in within
the time that they are being washed and dried. They don’t fall into
another dimension, and they are not taken by sock bandits. Have you
ever untangled a piece of clothing that had wrapped itself around the
agitator in your washing machine? Well you probably wouldn’t guess
that socks are able so slip underneath and into it; if you took it
off, you could possibly find some of those missing socks.

There is always that slight chance that the missing sock mystery will
never be solved, but if we can manage to cut our losses and start
over, there is a good chance that we could keep our new socks
together. You could find one pair of socks that you like, and just buy
those socks in bulk. That way, even if you do loose a sock or two, you
still have matching socks.

There is another resolution to keeping socks together. When you take
off your socks, you could safety pin them together, and when they
endure their journey through the washer, they will not be able to
separate. This also assists in the folding process. No more having to
worry about looking through the socks to match them up; they are
already pinned together and ready for their next use.

Socks are mysterious, and they have ways of slipping away without our
knowledge. Whether they fall out of the laundry basket or slip under
the agitator during the washing process, we are bound to loose one
here or there. You could make this fact unimportant by buying the same
socks in bulk, or you could keeps socks together with a safety pin.
Beware that the socks are always looking for an escape route, a way to
separate from you or each other, but at least now you know where some
of the lost socks go.

Favorite Pair of Socks

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You know you have a favorite pair of socks; we all do. Sadly, one of
the pair is so worn that it has a hole in it. You loved those socks;
you would have lived in those socks if it was your choice. Now that
one sock is ruined, what do you do with the other sock? Should you put
it to waste and throw it away? Or is there something more creative you
could do with it?

Just because we live in a high-tech world does not mean that
old-fashioned sock puppets aren’t enjoyable; they are just as amusing
as they were years ago. It isn’t one bit expensive, and it doesn’t
even have to get messy like most crafty projects. All you really need
is a marker, or you could get more into it and use buttons or glitter
and sequins.

Simply slip the sock onto your hand and close your hand almost as if
you were making a fist; once you do that, all you have to do is work
your magic with the marker and the other decorative supplies that you
have chosen for your sock puppet. Don’t forget to give your sock eyes
so he or she can see the world around (since they are usually limited
to seeing the inside of your shoe or the inside of you sock drawer).
With a creative eye and a splash of color you can transform your once
useless sock into a puppet to entertain you for hours.

We don’t need computers or video games to keep us smiling; all we need
is an old sock and an imagination. Socks may seem like dull, useless
objects, but they can be so much more, all it takes is your mind’s

Slip-Proof Socks

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It’s bound to happen; I mean, if you put socks on your kids, they are bound to slip and fall, so how can we prevent this? Telling your kids not to run in their socks isn’t going to work; after all, they are kids, and kids don’t listen half of the time. So how do we prevent our kids from this disaster?

Slip-proof socks are an effective method of preventing children from falling while running around the house in socks. First you have to know that the thicker the socks are, the less likely you are to slip in them.

If this method does not seem to work out, you could always make the socks slip-proof yourself. Using fabric paint on the bottom of your socks is one way to ensure a non-slip effect. Make sure you wash the socks at least once before you apply the fabric paints. Once you have done that, just lay out the socks and make sure the bottom is facing you. Because there are a variety of styles, shades, and colors, you can get very creative with the designs on the bottom of your socks. You could do a uniform design, or you could do something crazy. Also, be sure that you don’t make the paint too thick; this will cause an uncomfortable feeling when walking in the socks. It is best to wait about 72 hours before wearing or washing the socks once the paint is applied.

Another way to ensure that your socks are slip-proof is to buy rubber, which can be found in a roll. All you need is the rubber and fabric glue. You can cut all kinds of shapes and sizes and glue them to the bottom of your socks; just be creative. No more having to worry about the tragedy of your child slipping in his or her socks. All it takes it a little bit of effort and a smidgen of imagination.