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Your socks offer most protection

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Your shoes offer you a lot of protection and honestly you don’t see many modern day human types running around without them, but your socks offer most protection. Technically your socks simply protect you from your shoes. Sure they wick and absorb sweat but your feet probably wouldn’t sweat in the first place if you didn’t wear shoes. There are a lot of human cultures today that still don’t wear shoes and socks. Generally you’ll only find them in places where there aren’t many modern day inventions like shards of broken glass, gravel roads, pieces of sharp metal lying around and other newly shattered inventions. Sure if you run around in bare feet enough you will build up a thick layer of skin on the bottom of your feet but they will only take so much abuse.

I know a couple of people who run around without socks and just wear their shoes. The problem with that is in the long run the friction it creates will eventually effect your feet. Your socks in a nutshell protect you from your shoes and wick away moisture from your feet. Plus socks actually have a duel purpose of protecting your shoes from your feet.

So what is the best kind of sock to wear? Cotton socks are strong but don’t hold up long after a lot of washing, not very elastic and terrible at wicking moisture. They will fail to hold their shape and terrible at friction control. They are the least expensive and easy to find but should be avoided. Wool socks are great at absorption while synthetics are great at repelling it. The drawback to wool though is that it shrinks which is a bad thing not only when you wash it but the foot perspires heavily. At rest the average foot produces over ten gallons of sweat per year. Tough on wool and just imagine what it does to your nice leather shoes.

When it comes down to it your best choice is a blend of fabrics. We like cotton, polyester, and a touch of elastic. The amounts will be up to you to fine tune on your own.

How much do socks cost?

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Most people couldn’t answer this question.

We sell Gildan Brand Crew socks fir $30.99 including shipping. It’s a famous brand, quality crew sock. It just happens to be the sock that I wear almost all the time. They fit just right and are extremely comfortable and durable.Now check this out. It’s probably pretty rare to send you to another site but go to and check out their prices.
What do you think about only three pair of black crew socks for $30.00.

We give an additional 9 pairs of socks for only 99 cents. Not only that but we have a special running now so you can save $10 by ordering anything else on our site.

I can’t say any more.

We want to save you money on socks

We Want to Save You Money!

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Welcome to the new and improved Black and White socks!

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Have visiting Aliens lost their socks?

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Could it be that these socks belonged to a visiting alien? Can you imagine what the creature looked like? How many toes, maybe two big ones or two groups of three? Were they friendly or did they just leave their socks laying around.

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A rare weasel could use your socks; meet: the Pacific Fisher

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Meet the Pacific Fisher a rare weasel.

University of California wildlife researchers are asking for sock donations so that they may further their study of a rare weasel known as the Pacific Fisher.

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Eating Disorder for Socks?!

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The Bureau of Socks shares this report from the Medical Tribune News Service:

Rare Medical Condition. Sock Eating Syndrome 
Source: Medical Tribune News Service
SEATTLE – A 22-year-old woman was diagnosed with a rare medical condition, in which she craved consumption of socks. She was earthbound half a sock each evening. She also told doctors that as a teen-ager she chewed on and swallowed clothing. She was hospitalized after suffering from nausea and vomiting. The doctors found a large bezoar in her stomach. She was diagnosed with a rare condition known as pica, in which a person craves nonfood items. Previous to this incident, doctors have reported cases of people eating dirt, hair, chalk, clay, glue and other nonfood items. This is the first case of sock eating “Often, when people have a craving it is because they are lacking something in their diet,” said Atif Awad, an associate professor of nutrition at the University of Buffalo. “If you don’t give salt to cows, they start licking the walls,” he added..

And it’s time for a pun! Maybe the girl has “Sock-holm Syndrome.”

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Image Source: Pica.


Pablo Neruda’s “Ode to My Socks”

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Ode to My Socks

Mara Mori brought me
a pair of socks
which she knitted herself
with her sheepherder’s hands,
two socks as soft as rabbits.
I slipped my feet into them
as if they were two cases
knitted with threads of twilight and goatskin,
Violent socks,
my feet were two fish made of wool,
two long sharks
sea blue, shot through
by one golden thread,
two immense blackbirds,
two cannons,
my feet were honored in this way
by these heavenly socks.
They were so handsome for the first time
my feet seemed to me unacceptable
like two decrepit firemen,
firemen unworthy of that woven fire,
of those glowing socks.

Nevertheless, I resisted the sharp temptation
to save them somewhere as schoolboys
keep fireflies,
as learned men collect
sacred texts,
I resisted the mad impulse to put them
in a golden cage and each day give them
birdseed and pieces of pink melon.
Like explorers in the jungle
who hand over the very rare green deer
to the spit and eat it with remorse,
I stretched out my feet and pulled on
the magnificent socks and then my shoes.

The moral of my ode is this:
beauty is twice beauty
and what is good is doubly good
when it is a matter of two socks
made of wool in winter.

Pablo Neruda
Image Source: A Young Mr. Neruda.

A holiday gift for the sock lover

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 Traverse the history of sock patterns with author Nancy Bush for the sock lover. This book provides you with 18 sock patterns as well.

You may purchase the book here.

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Image Source: Folk Socks.


Maker of the Sock-Knitting Machine: Rev. William Lee of Nottinghamshire, England

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Reverend William Lee of Nottinghamshire, England invented a sock-knitting machine in 1589. The reason? His wife spent long hours making hosiery. The good man missed his wife. The machine made bright colored socks easier to produce, cheaper, and encouraged their popularity.