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Maker of the Sock-Knitting Machine: Rev. William Lee of Nottinghamshire, England

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Reverend William Lee of Nottinghamshire, England invented a sock-knitting machine in 1589. The reason? His wife spent long hours making hosiery. The good man missed his wife. The machine made bright colored socks easier to produce, cheaper, and encouraged their popularity.


Dictators Wear the Oddest Socks

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reports a correlation between the brands of socks worn by commoners versus the brand of socks worn by dictators. The thesis hinges upon this premise: comfortable feet, comfortable society.

So if you want to avoid being a dictator, or contributing to someone else’s reign, pick up your socks at Black and White Socks.

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Profiles In Courage: Socks the Cat

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Socks Clinton-Currie (March 23, 1989 – February 20, 2009) was U.S. President Bill Clinton’s cat during his time in office. Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, found the stray when she was leaving her piano teacher’s house in 1991. Socks has a sibling named Midnight (gender unknown).

Socks coat is piebald, which is a combination of two coats, typically black and white. Essentially, you could say this cat is a Black and White Socks.

When Clinton left office, they did not take Socks with them because they had a dog at their house in Arkansas. Clinton’s secretary, Betty Currie, adopted Socks.

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The Story of the Groom with Smelly Feet and the Bride with Bad Breath

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A joke about insecurities…and socks. Compliments of the website Jokes.

A young man and a young woman were soon to be married, but they both had a problem they had never told anyone else about. The man approached his father one day before the wedding and told him about his problem. His feet REALLY stunk, even if he washed them constantly, he was worried that this would scare off his new bride, so he needed a solution, fast. His father pondered the situation and finally told his son to wear socks constantly (even to bed) and always wash his feet whenever he got a chance.

The son thought about this and went along happy. The same day the young lady approached her mother and told her about her problem. Her morning breath was horrid. Her mother reassured her and told her everyone had bad morning breath. The young woman told her mother that this was not normal morning breath but easily the worst in the world. The mother thinks about this and comes up with this bright idea. She tells her daughter to get up earlier than everyone else and don’t say a thing, go make breakfast and then brush her teeth while the others are eating. The young woman thinks and then runs off to get ready for the wedding, happy.

The couple is married and they are happy, him with his perpetual socks and her with her morning silences. One morning about 5:30 am the young man wakes up to find one sock missing. He starts rustling around in the bed looking for it, which of course wakes up his wife, who without thinking asks what’s wrong. With a look of shock on his face the young man says, ”OH MY GOD! You’ve swallowed my sock!”

Image Source: Stinky Foot.

The Dryer Is Not to Blame for Missing Socks! (video)

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Don’t blame the dryer any longer; but don’t get mad at this pup, either. Instead, get more socks at Black and White Socks.


10 Brainy Facts About Socks, Plus an EXCELLENT Cross Stitch!

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Facts About Socks

1. China produces approximately 40% of global sock production.

2. The word socks is derived from the Latin soccus, which referred to a loose-fitting slipper worn by Roman comic actors.

3. The design on the side or ankle of a sock is known as a clock.

4. Ancient Greeks wore matted animal skin for socks.

5. During the 10th century, due to the difficulty of producing socks, they were a luxury item reserved for the rich.

6. In 1589, William Lee invented the first machine that wove socks. He felt his wife spent too much time weaving socks.

7. Up until the 20th century, socks were made from wool, cotton, or silk.

8. Nylon, which is now the most popular material for socks, wasn’t created until 1937.

9. In Japan, a special kind of sock called a “tabi” was created so they could wear socks with their various thonged footwear.

10. Satisfy all your sock apparel needs at Black and White Socks!

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The Thing About Business Socks…

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…They can tie a great tie.

Need new business socks? Visit Black and White Socks.

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What About the Socks Who Have Lost Their Partner? (Cartoon)

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Socks need love, too! What About the Socks Who Have Lost Their Partner?

Get your happy, still-married socks at Black and White Socks.

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Tips on Making Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Socks!

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Creative Family Fun posted a helpful guide to creating Glow-in-the-Dark socks either to wear or to use for decorative purposes.

A fun, inexpensive way to deck the hall with boughs of spooky. Tips on Making Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Socks!

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