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How much do socks cost?

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Most people couldn’t answer this question. We sell Gildans Brand Crew socks fir $30.99 including shipping. It’s a famous brand, quality crew sock. It just happens to be the sock that I wear almost all the time. They fit just right and are extremely comfortable. Plus if you decide to buy an extra dozen or maybe a dozen of another style you save an additional $10. In fact you save an additional $10.00 for every additional dozen you order after that. Plus if you happen to need to put together a large order of over a dozen pair, don’t be afraid to call us an let us prepare a special price for you.Now check this out. It’s probably pretty rare for someone to send you to another competitors site but go to and check out their prices.
What do you think about only three pair of black crew socks for $30.00.

We give an additional 9 pairs of socks for only 99 cents.

I can’t say any more. Try us you’ll Love us.

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