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Have visiting Aliens lost their socks?

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Could it be that these socks belonged to a visiting alien? Can you imagine what the creature looked like? How many toes, maybe two big ones or two groups of three? Were they friendly or did they just leave their socks laying around.

The truth is these are a pair of Ancient Egyptian Socks. They were created with a form of Ancient knitting called  Nålebinding  “knotless knitting,” or “single needle knitting” similar to crochet. They have been dated between 300 and 500 AD. and found near the Nile river in Egypt. Notice you can’t even see a hole in them. Guess they don’t make things like they used to. The split toes were put in so they could be used with sandals. We’re guessing that they weren’t too precise back then or people had much larger big toes.

Earlier socks were generally made from animal skins which wrapped around the foot and ankle. The earlier Greeks used matted animal fur for warmth. It had to take a while to put those socks on and I can imagine they had to stop and adjust things from time to time, quite a bit of times during the day.

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