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Not All Socks Are Created Equal

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Socks are created from a wide range of different materials. Materials are combined in the production of a sock in order to produce different textures, change elasticity, and increase softness. There are also specific sock material combinations specifically designed for sports, protecting against cold air, or to provide extra cushioning on the foot.

A Closer Look at Sock Materials


Cotton Socks


Cotton is the most popular sock material. Cotton provides the most cushioning out of all materials and absorbs perspiration the most effectively.


Nylon Socks


Nylon, first produced in 1939, helps give a sock its elasticity. Nylon and cotton can often be found as a material combination to produce a soft, stretchable sock.


Wool Socks


Wool is a durable material best known for its heat-holding properties. Wool can most commonly be found as the main material used in winter socks.


Polyester Socks


Polyester is a fast drying and easy to maintain material. Polyester can be found in men’s dress socks. Usually polyester is used as reinforcement when blended with other materials.


Acrylic Socks


Acrylic is a multipurpose sock material because it is easy to clean, it absorbs perspiration well, and it is soft.