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Over priced fancy monogrammed socks

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Growing up as a kid I never had any aspirations to sell socks for a living. I wore the socks I was given and rarely spent the time to figure out what was rite or wrong. In fact I went to a parochial school and had to wear a uniform.  It consisted of a white shirt, white t-shirt, black pants, black belt, white socks and black shoes. Honestly life was simpler then. No silly little decisions to make. No time wasted thinking about what to wear.
Now there are crew, ankles, no-show and more. Women and kids both have a nice selection. The internet has a million sites that sell all kinds of designer socks. Exotic synthetics in exotic colors at really exotic prices. I almost had a heart attack looking at some of the prices they’re getting. In most cases I sell a full dozen with free shipping for less then ONE PAIR of these fashion brands.
It’s not like our socks are garbage either. They are well made and will last a long time. Some have patterns with a  logo and  monograms. Most are simply plain black or white socks with no logos. It’s almost like these companies are selling their logo’s at a premium and giving the sock away for free.
If your going to visit a King in some far off land I can see you may need a pair of the over priced fancy monogrammed socks. Who knows it may even keep you from having your head lobbed off some day. If your going to hang around the good old US though I would definitely take a look at our socks and try a dozen. In fact get yourself two dozen and save an extra ten bucks. We ship for Free too. If your thinking it can’t get any better then that then wait until you get them, try them on and feel just how comfortable they are. You’ll be able to sit back and laugh at those over priced socks you used to buy.

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