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Protect your feet

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I live in South Florida so I can’t really compare our dressing habits to the rest of the country. I just wanted to share an observation with you. It’s probably something that no one would notice unless maybe  they are weird or have a sock company like myself.

I suppose if you live up North and it’s under 50 degrees most of the time everyone wears socks. But at this South Florida Party I went to, it seemed like I was the only one wearing them. Down here in the tropics it’s a fashion trend to go without socks. Euck.

Socks wick away sweat from your foot. Sweat itself is relatively pure and doesn’t smell until it lingers in a warm dark place. A sock wicks away the sweat which helps it evaporate without growing as many bacteria. Eventually it will build up but it does offer a certain amount of protection. Remember your Mother’s words, change your socks every day.

Protect your feet. The human foot has 50 ligaments, 33 joints, 26 bones and 42 muscles. Not to mention tendons skin and muscles and a bunch of other materials. A good sock acts as a buffer to keep this marvel in good operating condition. As we get older all of these components wear out. Just like a car tire the better we treat them the more mileage you’ll get out of them.

Lastly socks aren’t the most obvious way to make a fashion statement but for some people they make a great fashion accessory. I’m pretty conservative so a black sock for anything but shorts works for me. We however carry a few different styles of dress stocks for those looking for a little panache. No matter what your color or style preference our socks are comfortable and affordable.


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