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Wear Socks And Feel Better

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You might think that socks are only good for keeping your feet warm and preventing foot odor, but they may actually be healthy for you. According to if you wear socks to bed it may help you sleep better. You sleep better when it is cooler, so turn down the a/c, but keep your feet warm with socks. This tricks your body into thinking it is warm and forces your body temperature to go down and contributes to better sleep. Socks can also help your blood circulation which prevents swelling and allows your feet (and legs if you wear tall socks) to feel more relaxed.

So, when you think about grabbing your sandals, instead I suggest you grab your socks and sneakers before heading out the door. And when it is time to go to bed, put on those socks and get snoozing. We offer many different types of socks so be sure to browse through our inventory and pick out what you need. You will feel better and your body will thank you.

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Healthy Feet with Copper Socks

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We mentioned in a previous post how smelly socks could help prevent malaria. Well, now they can be designed a certain way to cure athletes foot. The special socks are made with copper oxide which is an anti-fungal agent. Cupron, Inc. donated these special copper socks to the Chilean miners who were trapped back in 2010. The miners had developed numerous skin problems while exposed to the bad conditions underground including itchy and dry feet. Thirteen out of the fourteen miners who wore the socks noticed an improvement and said their condition disappeared after wearing them. It is not proven if the socks really did in fact cure their condition as the miners could not be evaluated while trapped. The study is also based on what they remember which may or may not be completely accurate.

Although more studies are needed to find out if these socks can indeed cure fungal conditions, I find that socks in general can be a life changing item to have on hand. You never know what they can do. Stay tuned for more sock news in the future!

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