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Fabric that Generates Electricity from Body Heat

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Power Felt

A fabric called Power Felt has been developed that could come in handy when our cell phone is about to die. The fabric is made up of carbon nanotubes that uses differences in temperature to get a charge. We give off so much body heat that doesn’t get put to any use, but with this technology we could harvest this body heat and convert it into electricity. Once the fabric is charged, you can put the power felt on your cell phone in order to charge the battery. It could also line the seat of your car, be placed under roof shingles to catch rising heat, or possibly be made into clothing.

A good idea may be to make Power Felt socks since our feet can get hot and sweaty while walking all day long. It may motivate us to work out longer in order to make enough body heat to “charge” our socks and use the energy to power our electronics. It may be a smelly way to gain power, but could prove beneficial, especially with the increasing search for new sources of energy.

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