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Fifa Rule: Shinpad Tape Must Match Socks

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I found an article from The Sun that states any player from the Fifa league must be sure their shinpad tape matches their socks. Since this rule has been put in place many players are calling it ridiculous since they just want to have fun. It may not seem important, but it goes to show you that it really does matter if your socks match (or in this case, shinpad tape).

You might not be a soccer player, but you probably don’t want to look ridiculous wearing two different pairs of socks at work, right? Black and White socks has been stressing this for such a long time, so whenever we see something like this in the news we always like to share it. If you want to keep wearing your faded or mismatched socks we can’t really stop you, but for everyone else, stop by to order some fresh new pairs.

What do you think about this new Fifa rule? Is it understandable or unnecessary?