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When It Comes to Socks, Don’t Be an Einstein!

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Albert Einstein did not understand the concept of socks. Whether sailing (which he loved to do), or attending a dinner at the White House, Einsten went sock-less. He thought shoes were sufficient for travel. To Einstein, socks are redundant.

Einstein must be immune to stench warfare. Good for him. As for the rest of us–don’t be an Einstein!


“Or you could, y’know, wear socks.”

Image Source: Albert Einstein.

3 More Creative Socks and Shoes

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We did a post at the beginning of this month on “The Most Ridiculous Socks and Shoes.” Now we have found some more creative products to share with you. Check them out below.

Waterproof Your Shoes

waterproof shoes

Don’t want to get your nice shoes and socks wet in the rain? Maybe these Chinese slips that are placed over your shoes could help. They may look a little ridiculous, but whatever floats your boat I guess.

Ice Skate Stilettos

ice skate stiletto high heel shoe

Love ice skating and still want to look fabulous? Maybe you should invest in some ice skate stilettos. They may be a little dangerous if you fall on the ice, but I guess fashion comes at a price.

Recycled Shoe Box

recycled shoe box

This green packaging is by Newton Running. They also use socks instead of paper for packing. This gave me a great idea about giving gifts to people. Instead of using tissue paper for birthday and other holiday gifts, why not use socks? They will cover up the gift AND can be put to good use too. That way they aren’t just receiving the main present, but have a second surprise with the socks.

Have you seen any creative shoe or sock products lately? We would love to see them. Don’t forget to browse our inventory at for all your practical sock needs.