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How to Keep Your Pet Happy With Socks

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Socks have many uses from keeping your feet warm to wrapping a gift, and now you can add pet toy to the list. I came across this blog called Operation Happy Sock which is a nonprofit project that involves “happy sock” donations to animal shelters. A happy sock is a toy for cats and is made from a sock stuffed with polyfill and catnip. It is a great idea if you want to make a simple toy for your cat or a gift to homeless cats. Another idea for a cat toy is to take a sock and make cuts into it to look like fringe. Cats love strings and things that dangle, so they may enjoy a fringe-like sock too.

Catnip Happy Socks

If you don’t have a cat, you can use socks to make dog toys too. One way is to put treats in a sock and tie a knot. It will keep your dog busy for awhile until they can untie the knot or tear the sock to pieces. Another thing you could do is place a tennis ball in a sock with some holes. Take another sock and put it through the hole and tie it. You may want to add multiple holey socks depending on the size of your dog. Just be careful that if your dog likes to eat socks, do not give them these toys as it could get stuck in their intestinal tract. Always monitor your animals when giving them a new toy.

If you are in a giving mood consider contacting your local animal shelter and ask if they would like some catnip happy sock donations. Then, if you don’t have socks of your own to donate,  you can visit and order a case of socks and start making some catnip toys. Of course you can always just buy socks for yourself too.

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10 Real Simple Ideas for Socks

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real simple

Socks are great for warming up our feet and making sure they don’t stink up a room, but they have many other uses you may not have thought about. Real Simple made a list of “New Uses for Clothing” in which many ideas involved the use of socks. Here are some ideas with photos.

1. Place socks on the legs of furniture to protect your precious wooden floors.

2. Use a sock as a wine bottle bag. Give two bottles as a gift for a complete pair.

3. Use a lingerie bag to keep socks organized and prevent them from getting lost.

4. Place socks over your shoes while traveling to protect from dirt and damage.

5. Add some puffy paint to the bottom of socks to make them slip-proof.

6. Coffee too hot? Then slip a sock over your cup and drink up.

7. Place sunglasses inside mittens (or socks) to prevent scratches.

8. Protect your light bulbs by placing them in socks.

9. Keep cords together and out of the way with a trouser sock.

10. Does it snow where you live? Use a sock over your wipers so you don’t have to deice them.

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