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The History of Crew Socks

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The History of Crew Socks began in the mid 40’s. They are a  medium size sock that falls somewhere between the ankle and the knee. Crew Socks are the work horse and most popular sock in the industry. Worn by men, women and children with casual, formal wear or even while playing sports.  They are usually  thick everyday socks which are  ribbed above the top of the ankles.  Usually made with a bled of cotton, polyester and spandex. The cotton in the crew sock gives it the ability to absorb and wick away sweat. The foot actually produces more sweat than any part of the body. This helps provide a tremendous advantage keeping your foot both warm or cool and extremely dry, especially during different hot or cold weather conditions. The Polyester gives the blended fabric added strength while the spandex gives it the ability to stretch.

The Crew Sock first began to become popular in the late 1940’s. The story has it that there was a gang run by a leader who was a rather tough guy named Kelly.  What distinguished them  from everyone else was the kind of white crew socks they wore. One summer day there was  a robbery in a local convenience store and Kelly’s gang ended up saving the day. They started working with the police force in some of the worst neighborhoods in town. A young reporter, Kassandra Philippin made the group known through the local newspaper and turned them into very popular folk hero’s in the area. She also canned the name  “CREW SOCKS” in her articles which lives on even through today.

Get together with a bunch of your crew and order some of the most popular socks around. The are available in Black, White and Brown. If you need specific colors let us know and we can probably find them for you.

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