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When to wear white socks

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Way back in the 50’s and 60’s it was actually fashionable to wear white socks with black shoes and dark colored pants. I don’t think anyone even had white sneakers back then. Elvis did it and some of you might still remember Pat Boone who also always wore a white belt too.
A funny thing happened to me the other day while rushing to go to the gym I grabbed an old pair of white sneakers. Although they were old they were relatively unused and pretty white and clean. It didn’t really hit me until a little bit into my work out but after seeing this bright white flash out of the bottom of my eye, I noticed that not many people were white sneaker any more. Becoming immediately fashion conscious I began doing an inventory of shoes that the gym members were wearing.  I did see a few in white but the color rage was amazing. Multi colored, bright colors even red sneakers on men. It was only a few years ago that everyone just wore white sneakers.  In fact in the 80’s I remember going to Europe and you could spot an American from a mile away. You just had to look for a pair of white sneakers.
When to wear white Socks?
Luckily a large amount of people still wear white socks. I saw a couple in black but that just looks wrong with workout shorts no matter what color the shoe is. When white socks were designated to become strictly sportswear is something I never looked into, it’s seems to just have happened. The only other large group of people who wear white socks and shoes are people in the medical industry. Nurses, aids and orderlies. Luckily white socks are still going strong in the medical field.  Realistically white socks look great with athletic shorts, track pants, running shoes and scrubs but look pretty bad with everything else.


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